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It is a privilege to be invited into a bride's family home on what she may regard as the most important day of her life. Not only is a photographer invited in, but also he or she may be granted free rein to wander more or less wherever necessary. Typically, it is not long before the wedding photographer is photographing the bride as she applies her make-up and completes her dress preparations. Such preparations are often made in her own bedroom, and the photographer may see a need to sit on her bed, step over personal items of clothing, or handle personal jewellery or other accessories. All these actions should be undertaken in a polite and respectful manner. Always check the bride's agreement before moving items of clothing or furniture, and never forget that you are in the bride's own room in her private house. Such respect will be appreciated and repaid in terms of her co-operation.

Downstairs, as the photographer awaits the bride's departure, there may be numerous family members making their own wedding day preparations. There may also be other professionals such as hairdressers or make-up artists at work, not to mention deliveries of flowers and so on. All these elements of preparation are important, so tact and compromise are usually appreciated by all concerned.


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