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Potential award or distinction applicants should begin by emailing the Society's Distinctions Office to request an application reference number. This reference number allows the Society to track individual applicants and their on-line applications and fee payments, and gives advanced notice of the potential number of applicants. It also provides an applicant with access to the necessary on-line application forms in a more secure environment. It is not possible to make an award or distinction application without first requesting a reference number via email. Neither is it possible to use the Society's dedicated image file upload facility without being logging in as a registered user of the website. Log-in details details are provided when an applicant requests an application reference number. Requesting an application reference number from the Society does not in any way commit a potential applicant to making an application or paying an associated fee.

Before making an award or distinction application, we recommend downloading and reading The OPS Distinctions Handbook. This handbook may be downloaded free of charge as a PDF file, and printed locally, or purchased as a printed booklet at a current price of £3.50 plus tax and delivery.

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