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Prints may be returned if damaged in transit but cannot be replaced merely because a customer decides against the particular image. Claims for compensation are made from shippers by the Society (OPS) for items damaged in transit, and the relevant products must therefore be returned to us complete with the original packaging.

Orders for prints can be cancelled up to the point where printing or dispatch processes begin. Once prints have been created or dispatched, cancellation requests cannot be accepted.

Orders for OPS books cannot be cancelled. The books are printed to order and payment is made by the Society when the order is placed with the printing company.Completed books are mailed directly to the customer by the printer. No refunds are available to the Society and hence none can be offered to the customer under any circumstances whatsoever. Claims for faulty books, or those damaged in transit, will be passed by the Society to the printer. Although the Society will endeavour to support genuine claims of this nature, it cannot be held responsible for matters over which it has no control.

Orders for email image evaluations cannot be cancelled. The opinions expressed by evaluators in their email replies are personal (although based on considerable experience and expertise) and cannot be discussed in any way. The names of evaluators are not given. Neither the Society nor the relevant evaluator will enter in to any correspondence regarding the emailed evaluation.

Orders relating to images submitted for proposed galleries cannot be refunded once received by the Society. However, customers can decide not to proceed with the publication of their gallery on the website.

Please note that no refunds are given on any customized items, or items which have been personalized, unless a relevant error or defect, relating directly to customization or personalization only, is found to be the responsibility of the Society.

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