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Use this utility to calculate the following:
  • The pixel density of a monitor, and the maximum viewing distance for a given visual acuity.
  • The minimum dimensions for a monitor of given resolution and viewing distance, assuming a given visual acuity.
  • The maximum resolution for a monitor of a given aspect ratio, size, and viewing distance, assuming a given visual acuity.
All numbers given are maximums or minimums, and are only distances at which individual pixels will no longer be distinguishable.
For comfort, some applications may require a display to be larger, of lower resolution, or mounted closer to the viewer that the calculated figures. For other applications, the display may need to be smaller, of higher resolution, or mounted further from the viewer, as displayed objects may be large enough that higher resolution is of no benefit.
Solve for:
Distance (useful for existing monitors)
Size (useful for finding the smallest suitable monitor of a given resolution)
Resolution (useful for finding the highest resolution monitor of a given size)
Input Results
Pixel dimensions: x x
Aspect ratio:
Size (inches):
Visual Acuity: 20/ PPI:
Distance (inches):

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