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The bride may arrive in a variety of ways. If she lives close to the wedding venue she might decide to walk, but mot brides arrive in some stylish form of transport. This may be anything from a carriage pulled by horses to a Rolls Royce or limousine. The vehicle itself is often decorated in a manner suitable for the particular occasion.

Once the vehicle has stopped at the church gate, or close to the venue, the door will be opened and the instinct of the bride will be to get out as quickly as possible.However, there are potentially good images available here, and it is worth intervening immediately. Ask the bride to remain seated for a few moments, and take a couple of shots of her and her father seated n the car. Her father can then get out and take his daughter's hand as she eases her dress out of the car. There are numerous good images here. There will then be a period of a couple of minutes while the bride checks her dress and veil, or allows the maid of honour or the bridesmaids to fuss around her making small adjustments. Use this time to get at least half a dozen shots. Don't forget to include some wide-angle views including the vehicle, the bridal party and perhaps even the church or venue.

The bridal party will then begin to walk towards the venue. At this point it is probably best to be ahead of them and photograph their progress through the gates and up the path towards the doors of the church or building. They are typically met at the doors of the church or venue by the priest or registrar who will greet the bride and have a few quiet words to calm nerves. Once again, this is an opportunity to get some quite intimate shots.


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