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In addition to undertaking all the normal photographic responsibilities of a wedding photographer, there are a number of other ways in which a photographer may be able to help the bridal couple. Most, but not all of these, relate to the bride who in most cases will be wearing a long dress, perhaps with a train, and shoes not ideally suited to walking anywhere but up the aisle. A photographer typically spends most of the wedding day in close proximity to the bridal couple, so is often ideally situated to offer assistance. Being sensitive to such opportunities, and offering support where it is appropriate, may not only help the couple but also lead to a more relaxed relationship and hence better images.

A list of typical ways in which a photographer may be able to support the bride and groom follows:

  • Offer subtle advice on the make-up of bride and bridesmaids. In many cases, too much is applied - particularly for outdoor shots;
  • Help button the brides dress - particularly when she has countless small buttons extending all the way down her back;
  • Reassure the bride that everything looks wonderful;
  • Keep her aware of the time;
  • Provide transport for anyone who cannot fit in to unexpectedly overcrowded vehicles;
  • Send an assistant back to the bride's house to collect for some vital but overlooked item;
  • Use needle and thread, or even superglue, to repair or some failed detail of personal attire;
  • Pin button-holes on any of the men who seem confused about how this should be done;
  • Help to organize stray bits of hair;
  • Carry bridesmaids' bags, cosmetics, combs etc in a camera bag, particularly during the ceremony and group shots;
  • Carry the bride's cosmetics and unmentionable emergency kit;
  • Hold the bride's train as she moves between locations, or at least show her how to carry it;
  • Arrange the bride's dress and train for photographs and elsewhere as required;
  • Remove marks from dresses. Peroxide removes blood, Gonzo spot remover is generally effective, and ice works well for wine stains. Place a pure white absorbent cloth behind the stain and rub over the mark with the ice;
  • Sew or tape failing hems, lace or tulle, and re-attach buttons;
  • Act as messenger to let the bride and groom, Mums and Dads, caterers and band know what to expect where, when and how;
  • Gather together all the bridesmaids' bouquets at the reception and arrange them around the wedding cake;
  • Help the bride make her way in to the toilet - if such assistance is appreciated;
  • Show the bride and groom how to approach the cutting of the cake.

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