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If a couple are interested in a reportage-style record of their wedding, a variety of shots of the various venues can be very valuable. When a photographer visits a venue before a wedding, it is relatively easy to get some images of characteristics and details that define the location. In the case of a church, there may be wonderful stained-glass windows, beautifully carved screens or pews, and all sorts of other attractive detail in the stone arches, floors, doorways, bells and even the organ. Images of such details are useful to set the scene for the important events of the wedding day. They can be inset into the corners of larger pictures of the the people or proceedings of the wedding day.

In the case of a civil ceremony, venues are so varied that it is difficult to imagine what detail might be available. Some licensed premises have beautiful architecture, magnificent gardens or wonderful internal decoration or artwork. It would indeed be disappointing to omit all these characteristics from the record of a wedding.

One advantage of capturing such details prior to a wedding, is that it saves the photographer time on the wedding day. When a wedding is actually taking place, there is certainly limited time for such diversions. Knowing that suitable pictures have already been prepared is therefore comforting.


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