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Some preparation shots can be done before the actual wedding day. If the couple live locally, or at least the bride is local, then it is worth considering doing shots of the wedding gown, the rings and other jewellery and accessories a few days before the wedding. This approach not only allows more time to be given to these shots, but also relieves the time pressure on the photographer on the day itself.

The wedding rings are often photographed simply lying in the hand of the best man, which is far from ideal. The rings may have been engraved with messages of love, and it is therefore better to photograph them in controlled light, close up and with more time available. The bride's gown can also be carefully arranged against a suitable background and in good light. The same applies to her shoes and other accessories.

The groom's clothing and accessories can also be photographed before the wedding day, as can the items accumulated for the bridesmaids and pageboys.


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