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The location selected for a wedding will have been carefully chosen by the bride and groom. It represents something special to the couple and probably has numerous characteristics to their liking. If a photographer is to capture the atmosphere and feeling of the wedding, it is therefore important to include in the coverage at least some shots of the features that make the location unique. There may be interesting architecture, beautiful interior decoration, or even an art collection or beautifully landscaped gardens. All these features, and many others too numerous to mention, are potentially interesting as a means of creating a sense of place.

When time permits, the bride's place of preparation, the venue of the wedding ceremony, and the location of the wedding breakfast are all of interest. Try to pick out features and characteristics which define the nature of the wedding day. Examples are attractive doorways through which the couple will pass, gardens surrounding the various venues, flowers decorating door handles, seats and tables, illuminated chandeliers, or whatever atmospheric internal fixtures and fitting may be present.


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