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It can be a real challenge to handle groups at weddings, not least because the photographer is unlikely to know by sight more than the key members of the two families. Sometimes only the bride and groom will have met the photographer prior to the wedding. In these circumstances, it can be worth arranging for a couple of ushers to be appointed to the task of assembling the correct people - typically one person from each of the two families. Alternatively, at larger weddings, it may be worth considering this "family co-ordination" task as a separate role.

The ushers or co-ordinators should be given copies of the lists of groups required, and can work on assembling the correct people as the photographer takes the pictures. It is generally best, from a practical point of view, to start with the largest groups and progressively dismiss people until only the bride and groom remain. This approach minimizes the period for which guests are required to wait for their involvement.


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