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A huge variety of wedding albums is currently available in the UK, and some types are inevitably better than others. It is possible at one extreme to spend thousands of pounds on an exotic album, or at the other to settle for a simple do-it-yourself book printed by one of the many internet-based companies. However, if you have not looked at the wedding album market for some time, you may be amazed at the advances of recent years.

The Open Photographic Society (OPS) has, over an extended period, examined first-hand many of the wedding albums now available. Indeed we continue to watch the market carefully for new or improved offerings. However, we believe that the best option currently available, at least for a reasonable sum of money, is manufactured by the Italian company Graphistudio.

Graphistudio provides wedding photographers with album design and layout software that, when combined with sophisticated image processing software, enables us to create an unique wedding album tailor-made to suit your requirements and photographs. Countless options are available in terms of size, number of pages, colours, styles and layouts. Covers can be traditional leather in numerous different colours, or created using silk, colour varnishes, a transparent hardback and so on. The specially-developed binding system is unique, and allows the the album to be opened at any page without losing part of a double-page image in the central area.

The modern, all-digital technology used at the Graphistudio facility in Italy makes it possible to print your completed album in a variety of sizes. So, having worked together to decide on the size and detailed design of the main bride's album, you might choose to order a couple of small "novel-sized" copies for parents, and perhaps a set of the "diary-sized" versions to present to the bridal assistants, groomsmen etc. It is even possible to buy tiny "handbag-sized" books to give to friends and relatives. All the various sizes of books are exact copies of the main bride's album. These smaller books are an ideal record of your wedding suitable for any of your guests.

The image below shows three double-page spreads in various styles.

Image by kind permission of Graphistudio


Typical covers are shown in the following two images.

Example covers
Image by kind permission of Graphistudio


Example Graphistudio covers - 2
Image by kind permission of Graphistudio


Finally, examples of the small books are shown below.

Graphistudio small books

Image by kind permission of Graphistudio



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