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Digital matted albums represent an entirely new concept in wedding books. They take the basic style of traditional matted albums, where prints are displayed behind windows cut in art mat materials, and transform it in to the modern world of digital albums. However, they also introduce wonderful new features that would have been unattainable in the days of traditional matted albums.

The precise use of overlayed layers and coatings on any part of a page brings to life an entirely new feeling of excellence, and the  textures can be felt as well as viewed. Dazzling and glittering features of the most exquisite wedding dress, and even individual letters within text, can be reproduced in a truly stunning and life-like manner within an album. The technique invites a viewer to explore pages by touch to discover details not fully appreciated by the eye.

Each side of each album page can be presented on a different art mat, and may feature stunning layered designs reminiscent of henna, hand-written text etc. Translucent pages can also be introduced between matted pages.

Examples pages from digital matted albums are presented in the images below.

Image by kind permission of Graphistudio


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Images by kind permission of Graphistudio

To see more details of these and other wedding albums go to the Graphistudio website.




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