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It is often the case that local clubs are not very good at advertising their existence. Some may have been running for many years and become inward looking. Many do not do enough to welcome and encourage young members.

Start investigating at the local library or tourist office, both of which should have a list of local clubs and societies together with appropriate contact telephone numbers. It is no uncommon to find this information somewhat out of date, but in most cases it provides an initial contact leading to appropriate people. Local camera shops are also potential sources of information not least because their employees are likely to be enthusiastic photographers. The local Arts Council may also be worth visiting, and may also be interested in a proposal to start a photographic club in their area.

If an existing photographic club is found, make some enquiries regarding its activities. Is it active and dynamic and, if so, does it satisfy the need for a local club? There is usually no point in starting a second, similar club because this will inevitably split the potential local membership. However if a proposed new club would be significantly different, it may be worth establishing another organization.


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