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There is a lot of work involved in establishing and running a photographic society or camera club, and it is not possible for one person to do it all. It is also generally necessary to have access to the expertise, skills and opinions of a small group of like-minded individuals. It is for these reasons that the establishment of an organizing committee is one of the early key steps in creating a new society.

The first step in towards the establishment of an organizing committee is to make sure that your own ideas and objectives are clear, and that you feel able to explain and justify them to others. Then make a list of friends, colleagues and contacts who have an interest in photography and who might be interested in participating. Then contact each person, or suggest that they all get together for a discussion, and put your ideas to them. Ask the views of the group about the concept of establishing a new club, the reasons for wanting to do so, the objectives of the new club, its geographical catchment area, where meetings might be held, and what the main activities would be.

Assuming that there is general agreement between the people contacted, it should be possible to arrange a more formal foundation meeting to establish the new club. Think about who might be best qualified to fill key posts, and then propose names for president, vice-president and treasurer. A vote can be taken within the start-up group to establish these people in their roles. Other posts, such as communications officer, can be created immediately or at a later meeting as required.


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