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The Society's principal purpose is the promotion of excellence in photography - pure photography. There are of course numerous photographic societies and websites that offer excellent content and a range of competent images, but few have personal development and the achievement of excellence in imaging as their declared principal priorities.

The Society is known as the Open Photographic Society simply because it is open to anyone who has a genuine interest in the art of photography - amateur or professional. Those who are truly fascinated by images will recognize that cameras and lenses are merely the tools of the trade, and we therefore leave most of the discussion of the latest gadgets to others. Our concerns are centred around how to create better images, and what makes particular images work so well.

Perhaps unusually, we also have only a passing interest in money! We don't want to take yours from you, so we don't charge for anything very much. What charges we do make are based honestly upon costs, and rates are therefore remarkably low. And why do we do all this? Well, because we are very enthusiastic about excellence in imaging.


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