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The Society is pleased to announce that a presentation of photographs by the award-winning English landscape photographer Peter Watson has been selected as its 2014 on-line exhibition. Click this link to see the exhibition gallery.  

Peter Watson is a long established and highly regarded professional landscape photographer. His interest in photography goes back to his teenage years when he first captured black & white images which were sold in a local art shop. This early success encouraged him to pursue his hobby more seriously. He become interested in landscapes and began to photograph in colour.  In 1988 he became a professional photographer using a Tachihara large-format (5"x 4") view camera. He now uses mainly Mamiya medium format digital equipment.

Peter is a contributing photographer to several picture libraries and his work is internationally published and exhibited.  He also undertakes commissions for clients, primarily architectural and travel photography.  He holds practical photography workshops throughout the UK and has written several practical photography books including Light in the Landscape: A Photographer’s Year, Seasons of Landscape and Views Across the Landscape.

This exhibition consists of rural landscape images taken over the past twenty years. They depict a variety of different landscape locations and have all been personally selected by the photographer.

More examples of Peter Watson's work can be seen at www.peterwatson-photographer.com.

All images are protected by copyright © Peter Watson 2014.


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