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Material displayed on this website must meet the Society's standards of acceptance. Images and text-based items submitted to the Society for the annual exhibition, personal or specialist galleries, or any other purpose related to their display on the website, will be edited or rejected if they do no meet these standards.

Text must not include advertisements, professional promotions, or material likely to be regarded as provocative, obscene or offensive. Neither should it contain words of an unnecessarily violent, sexually explicit or provocative nature. The Society reserves the right to reject or edit text which includes such material.

Images displayed on the website must broadly respect and reflect the standards of society in general. This is a difficult balance to achieve. Standards within a particular community, region or country are often difficult to define, and an element of judgement is inevitably involved. Accepted standards within the global reach of a website are obviously varied and hence even more difficult to satisfy. The Society therefore reserves the right to reject any images or related material which it believes may cause offense. The decision of the Society in such matters will be final.

Images submitted for use in galleries must also be of a quality which justifies their inclusion within the Society's website. It is not possible to provide space on the website for every image submitted to the Society, and priority must be given to those of particular interest or merit.

Images submitted to the Society for evaluation and comment will be assessed, in broad terms, against the same standards of acceptability as those submitted for display. The Society reserves the right to refuse to comment on material it regards as unacceptable from the point of view of content, but will evaluate all other images of whatever merit.

Note that fees paid to the Society for material judged to be unacceptable for any reason will not be returned.


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