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Photographers wishing to submit text to the Society (OPS) may do so by email to the submissions office only. Paper submissions are not accepted. Text should ideally not be formatted in any way, as this generally has to be undone by the web editor prior to use on the website. Files should be in "text only" or standard Microsoft Word format. Please note that submitted text is permanently deleted from the Society's computers and media when it is no longer required by the Society. No text is returned to authors. However, text may remain in the Society's website backups for some time. Comments will be emailed directly to the author.

Submission of text to the Society for inclusion on the website will be regarded as granting permission to publish the material. Authors submitting text which they do not wish to be used on the website, or for which they do not own the copyright, must clearly state this in their submission email.

Please note that the Society's standards of acceptance apply to all website text.


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