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Photographers wishing to add their personal profiles to the Society's (OPS) website may do so by submitting appropriate material to the submissions office. Text should ideally be saved in "text only" format, and hence free from package-dependent word-processor characters, although any standard format can be converted for website use. The profile should be approximately 300 - 500 words in length, although these limits are reasonably flexible. An image of the author and an email contact may be included if required.

It is suggested that those who intend to submit a profile should first read one or two from the existing list to get a feel for the appropriate format. Preferred details include the author's photographic history, the main types of work undertaken, and specific photographic ambitions and achievements. However, any information which the author wishes to make available to other photographers, and also the wider world, may be included provided it does not in any way misrepresent the nature of the Society. It is the Society's view that excessive self-promotion is counter-productive and therefore best avoided.

Please note that the website editor may change submitted material in a sympathetic manner to achieve professional presentation and consistency.


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