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OPS welcomes everyone with an interest in photography in any of its forms, and attracts photographers from all over the world. It incorporates a good mix of interests, experience, background, age and gender, and people come to the Society for all sorts of reasons. The diversity of interest and range of knowledge are such that someone is always available to help with even the most obscure photographic problems.

These days most photographers work with digital equipment to produce both printed and projected images, but the Society also has people who work with film.There is a significant interest in traditional darkroom work using both modern and historic processes. Other people use digital techniques to produce traditional effects as well as conventional prints and slides.

Subject matter is also diverse and includes studio and candid portraits, record and pictorial work, landscapes, travel, natural history, underwater work, infrared photography and so on. The Society consequently has a full range of photographic experience. It is equally proud to be associated with people who are just beginning to develop amateur photographic interests, and some of the best photographers in the UK and and many other countries. All would agree that they still have plenty to learn about photography.

OPS prides itself on being a society which is interested in the finished image rather the equipment used to produce it. OPS people work with cameras old and new - traditional large format, medium format, 35mm, panoramic, compact, DSLR, compact digital, mobile phone cameras, and so on. Some even work with immersive 360-degree panoramic photography, holography, computer-generated techniques, x-rays, pinhole cameras, and even direct scans and sun prints to produce images without a conventional camera.

New photographers are always made very welcome, so if you are interested have a good look through the pages of this website and begin using the facilities they offer.

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