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Nationality: British

Residence: Cornwall, UK

At the beginning of February 2004, Vinny went from Bali, Indonesia, to Gili Air, Lombok, Indonesia for five days to take an open-water course in diving. He loved it so much that he ended up staying for 5 weeks. He was amazed by the diversity of coral and the variety of species - in particular the nudibranchs, the colours of which  blew him away!

During his advanced open-water course, he did a photography dive as one of the extra dives - and was hooked. The following year he went back for two months with a Sony P150 Compact camera and slowly tried to learn about underwater photography. Since then the interest has snowballed , and he goes back to Gili Air every year for about two months at a time. Last time, Vinny finally purchased a DSLR and is now learning how to use the camera.

He is now looking forward to returning to Gili Air around October 2008, and going to Raja Ampat, Indonesia, at the beginning of 2009.

Vinny part owns a boarding kennels and cattery in the southwest of England.

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