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Noel Kingsley has been a photographer for nearly 40 years specializing in trees, church interiors, landscape and portraiture. Living in London, he works exclusively in monochrome utilizing traditional darkroom methods. Although photography is not his profession, he is a member of the Royal Photographic Society and was made a Fellow of the Society in 2004. His tree photography is regularly used by The Tree Council, the Woodland Trust, and The Ancient Tree Forum.

Noel finds being amongst trees can inspire a wonderful sense of calm and connection with nature. They invite contemplation and bring peace to the soul.  His tree photography is often shot in early morning light, seeking to show how young or mature trees can exude a gentle, quiet energy and stillness that pervades their surroundings.

Through his church photography, Noel portrays the mood of the church, its silence, age and atmosphere. The church transcends time. It smells of musty antiquity, home to a homogenous combination of ancient and more recent elements bearing witness to centuries of parishioners.  Light beams from high windows cast a warm glow of life and luminous brilliance across shiny surfaces of old stone slabs and ancient wooden pews and benches. These places are a world away from the bustle of modern living, where we can quietly reflect and contemplate.

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