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Photographic equipment is expensive and tends to accumulate over the years. Serious amateur photographers are therefore well advised to obtain adequate equipment insurance. Many do so by seeking extensions to their home contents cover, typically declaring more valuable pieces on an item-by-item basis. This may work well for amateur enthusiasts who never undertake paid work. However, once money is accepted in return for photographic services such insurance becomes invalid. It is extremely unlikely that any element of semi-professional involvement would be covered.

Professional insurance is considerably more expensive but provides a much wider safety net. A typical policy might include cover for the cost of hiring replacement equipment in the event of loss or damage, and for the theft of items from a car. It is also likely to include, or at least offer, public liability insurance.

Things to check before purchasing a policy include:

  • whether cover extends to semi-professional or professional activities;
  • the overall financial limit of the cover;
  • the extent of cover for each major item of equipment;
  • whether new-for-old replacement is provided;
  • whether the cost of replacement equipment hire is included; and
  • the geographical scope of the cover.

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