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A number of assurance considerations should be addressed by photographers, and particularly by those who work beyond the confines of their own home. The issues raised here are not necessarily relevant to everyone, but do affect most photographers to some extent.

Public domain image by Steven Goodwin

Photographers work in public places with expensive equipment. Accidents involving cameras and lenses can and do happen, so equipment insurance is worth considering. However, far more important in the modern world is the consideration of public liability. If someone suffers loss as a result of a photographer's activities, or perhaps gets injured, the consequences may be very serious.

More and more amateur photographers are undertaking paid work. They are persuaded to photograph weddings, do portrait sessions for special occasions, or perhaps photograph homes or prized possessions. What many of them do not realize is that any job undertaken within the terms of a contract, whether verbal or written, is considered to be working professionally. This legal interpretation has numerous far-reaching implications.

When working with other people, and perhaps later using their images to gain material advantage, it is also important to have clear agreements with subjects. Model release procedures are relevant in this area.

Photographers who work with digital equipment should also address the issue of backup and archiving. All equipment is subject to failure, but digital technology has the potential to wreak havoc with large amounts of accumulated work.


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