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Once a typescript and all the agreed supporting material have been delivered to a publisher, the author must await the publisher's decisions. The title is normally assigned to an editor who will read the work and decide what changes should be made prior to publication. These proposals are normally discussed at a meeting with the author who can agree or disagree, or make suggestions regarding their implementation.

Assuming that a way forward is agreed, the author may be tasked to produce corrected or modified versions of chapters or sections. The editor then goes through the typescript making minor changes to grammar, eliminating colloquialisms etc.

Images submitted digitally should be prepared on a properly calibrated and profiled computer system and colours must be checked against the publisher's facilities to gain confidence that the printed images in the page layouts will be properly colour balanced.

Drawings and diagrams are normally prepared by the publisher to the required standards, and should be submitted to the author for checking and comment. Stock images of cameras, lenses and other photographic items are supplied by the publisher.

Page layouts are submitted to the author for comment, and further changes can then be made. However, changes become more expensive at this stage so may may be limited in number and extent by the publisher. Where an author demands substantial changes at a late stage, the publisher may expect the author to bear the cost..

The design of the book cover is normally a matter for the publisher although most publishers make the effort to obtain the authors comments and ultimate agreement. A couple of ideas may be tried before the final design is selected. The title of the work is also decided by the publisher who might typically want to fit the work into a series of publications.

Once the completed book has been sent for printing, there will normally be a substantial delay - perhaps a period of several months. The agreed number of free copies then appear unannounced in the post and the book is published!


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