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  • Measure the size (crop) of image to be shown through the window;
  • With a soft pencil, mark out on the back side of the board the appropriate dimensions positioned to give the required frame widths;
  • From the back cut a 45o bevel along these lines to give a frame with an appropriate window, and a backing-board surface to which to stick the print (when positioned on the rear surface of frame this has the required overlap);
  • Place the cut mount board on top of the photograph, adjust to correct crop and mark the corner points with a pin;
  • Trim the excess paper;
  • Apply a spray-mount adhesive to the back of the print;
  • Place the print face down on a table and carefully position the bottom edge, inside bevel, to the pencil lines;
  • Lower the mount board onto the print and turn over;
  • Apply even pressure with a roller to bond;
  • If not done previously, remove the excess print edge - approximately ½ inch out from the board edge;
  • On the back of the mount board, locate the corner-locating marks; and
  • Position the mounted print on the rear of the mount board (aligning the corner marks with the lines) and fix with tape.

Note: 3M Photo-spray adhesive is normally appropriate for application to the back-side of the print, but with heavy fibre-based prints try 3M Display Mount adhesive spray. This can also be applied to backing board to give a more secure bond.


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