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The e-book concept has a major advantage over the traditional approach to book publishing in the sense that it is easier for authors to undertake. Traditional books cost quite a bit of money to publish, print, and distribute, so publishers look hard at their potential profitability before committing to a contract.

Thousands of typescripts are submitted to publishers every year and only a small percentage of the total is ever published. Publishers can afford to reject any typescript about which they may have doubts, so authors typically find it difficult if not impossible to obtain a publishing contract. In the case of e-books, any author can publish their work for a comparatively small investment of money, and without obtaining the approval of a publisher. However, that does not mean that authors should expect a worthwhile financial gain. Many e-books sell only a few copies, not least because the original material has not been scrutinized by independent and experienced eyes.It is all too easy for an author to believe in his or her own work, only to discover later that others are less enthusiastic.

Nevertheless, the e-book makes it possible to publish one's own work and make it avaialable to a wide market via websites such as Amazon etc. It is undoubtedly true that, in the past, good material was cast aside because a publisher harboured some doubt about its worth. So do not be put off - there is little to lose. It is also important for authors to keep their feet on the ground and not expect instant or headline grabbing success.


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