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Purchasing a ready-made website is the easiest and quickest approach to establishing your own presence on the web. Numerous companies offer skeleton websites already set up on servers in to which a photographer can load his or her own text and images. Some even offer a money-back guarantee of satisfaction for the first 30 days! However, this approach may not be the best, the most flexible or the cheapest.

Ready made websites for photographers are easily identifiable as such despite offering a range of styles, colours and layouts. In addition, there are only certain aspects of a purchased site that are controllable by the owner. You may, for example, have to put your website title, your name and contact details in particular positions and be satisfied with the result. True, most typical purchased templates have a good professional appearance, but there may be only limited flexibility. It is also worth checking whether the website you are buying is Ipad or mobile compatible or comes with an appropriate companion site for mobile devices.

The cost of a purchased website rises as the number of pages increases. Some sites seem quite economical but the number of images and pages increases rapidly in most cases and you may soon find yourself paying more for the site than was initially anticipated. Currently one can pay at least £50 per year for a basic website allowing the upload or up to 200 images and perhaps a dozen pages. For reference, this website currently incorporates thousands of images and several thousand pages!


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