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ClothesA wardrobe manager or stylist handles all the tasks and problems associated with obtaining, organizing and returning the clothes, accessories and shoes required by the models during a fashion shoot.

The following are typical tasks undertaken before, during and after a shoot.

  • Collect all the clothes, accessories and shoes from source (showrooms, stores, designers etc) and maintain an accurate list of items, their owners and relevant contact details loan paperwork etc;
  • Organize all the items on racks at the studio in preparation for a selection process conducted by the photographer who is briefed by the stylist. Shoes should be organized so that they are readily to hand. Written records of each ensemble should be appropriately attached so that a complete outfit is easy to find at the shoot;
  • Transport all the outfits to the location for the shoot;
  • Organize the outfits on racks at the location, and associate each with the relevant shoes and accessories;
  • Check all items of clothing for creases etc and iron where necessary;
  • Assist the models with dressing and undressing, and remain on hand to make small adjustments during the shoot;
  • After the shoot, pack and return all clothes, accessories and shoes.

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