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To achieve the best results it is necessary to hire a make-up artist and a hair stylist for a fashion shoot. This increases the expense but raises the level of preparation to that of a professional shoot. Ideally, a wardrobe manager/stylist should also be present. In some cases, it may possible to fill two of these three roles with one person, but such circumstances are unusual. For some shoots, a prop artist and a manicurist are also hired.

Some photographers are happy to allow models to style their own hair, at least for some shoots. They point out that reducing the number of people involved reduces the chance of someone pulling out and also simplifies the organization of the shoot. Other photographers disagree because even if a model is happy to care for her own hair, she is unlikely to be aware of minor problems as the shoot proceeds and may not achieve the high standards required.

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To someone starting out in fashion photography, the expense involved may seem excessive. They may have a point at least for the first few shoots but, when working for a client with particular objectives in mind, many photographers simply will not contemplate undertaking a fashion assignment without this supporting crew. If any proof of the value of such professionals is required, do a shoot without hair, make-up and wardrobe support and then repeat it with the support crew present. The difference between the two set of images should provide convincing evidence of the way forward. To put it bluntly, it is necessary to decide whether you are an amateur or a serious professional.

Good make-up artists can transform a model in to the person the photographer wants to shoot. They make an invaluable contribution to a fashion shoot and their efforts have the potential to transform the images from the ordinary in to the extraordinary. Some professional make-up artists are expensive to hire, but most provide good value in terms of improved results. Photographers often establish working relationships with particular make-up artists, and some work repeatedly with the same person. This increases understanding and sometimes reduces the cost per shoot.

The hair stylist normally works with the model before the make up artist. This reduces the chances of the work of the make-up artist being smudged or otherwise damaged. Preparation of hair and make-up are time consuming processes and together may take a couple of hours for each model. Re-doing hair and make-up is consequently a nightmare to be avoided at all costs.


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