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If you are considering having some boudoir photographs done, you are probably more or less prepared - at least in mind! There is basically nothing to it provided you go to a reputable and thoroughly professional photographer. Have a look at a few websites for local studios and study the images. Then decide what style of images you want of yourself.

The fact that you have got this far suggests that you are a reasonably confident person who is at ease with their appearance. You do not have to be a supermodel to get good boudoir images. In most cases the images are obtained as a gift for a husband or partner, and they will almost certainly be delighted to see them. Sessions can often also be arranged for couples.

Tips for boudoir models
Image by kind permission of Barrie Spence at Entropic Tendencies

Leave all your inhibitions at home. This is not nude photography and it is not necessary to reveal more of yourself than you wish. Boudoir photographs normally show the model partially covered in lingerie or nightwear - it is up to you. Don't worry about the photographer, male or female. He or she will have done it all many times before and will know how to put you at ease. The photographer should also be able to offer advice on what to wear, or help select the most appropriate items from those available. If you feel nervous on the day, take someone with you to the studio or location. They can wait for you in another room while the photographs are taken.

Before booking an appointment, talk with the photographer responsible for the shoot and make sure that you feel comfortable in his or her presence. Trust is an essential pre-requisite for this sort of work so make sure you feel absolutely comfortable. Don't worry about a bit of tension or nerves, because that is quite natural. Also, ask about the location in which the photographs will be taken. They can be done in a photographic studio although this may feel a little sterile. They can also be done in an hotel room so that all the normal furnishings are available as props.

Have a look through some boudoir images on-line before attending the photographic session. This will provide background information of what models typically wear and what sort of poses they adopt. The photographer will guide you, and have his or her own ideas, but make clear what sort of images you want and don't be afraid to refuse any pose with which you feel uncomfortable.

Attend the session in good time and in a relaxed manner. Leaving everything until the last minute merely increases tension and may leave you sweaty. Have all the selected items of clothing ready the night before the session, and make sure they do not get creased whilst being transported. Take a good selection of items, styles and colours, but not everything in the wardrobe! Select at least four or five outfits of different styles and moods, some innocent and girlish, some as daring as you wish to be. Don't forget also to take a few pairs of shoes. Wear loose clothing on the day to avoid marks on the skin caused by elastic in underwear, bra straps, tight belts and shoes. These can take hours to fade.

Prepare yourself carefully by getting you hair done the day before the session - or even first thing the same day. Make-up should be professionally done if you are not sure how to prepare for a photographic session - it makes a real difference to the pictures.


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