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Product photography normally takes place in a studio where carefully controlled lighting can be used. Images focus closely upon the details of a particular product and everything must be spot on. Backgrounds are often simple in appearance, typically plain white or black, and the lighting needs to be creative and revealing.

jewelleryA mid-range zoom lens with a wide maximum aperture is a useful piece of equipment for product work. In most cases the photographer will photograph a series of items, so setting up on a tripod and zooming where necessary avoids having to change the set-up between shots. Keep the lens as wide open as possible to limit depth of field and thow the background out of focus.

Products should be reasonably evenly lit, and harsh shadows should be avoided or filled where necessary. Reflections can be a real problem but must be limited, and highlights mast be carefully controlled. An image of silverware reflecting a portrait of the photographer and his or her equipment would certainly not be acceptable. Light tents are sometimes used to resolve situations of this nature.

Composition and framing is often best kept simple. Shoot products from a viewpoint at their own level and go in fairly close to capture as much detail as possible. Avoid angles that create perspective distortion and try to keep the background well behind the product so it can be dropped out of focus.

Some clients provide detailed guidance on how each item should be photographed - including a specific angle, background etc. In other cases, the photographer is left to devise custom solutions.The work is sometimes regarded by photographers as repetitive but nevertheless challenging. Photographing twenty similar clocks might not appeal to everyone, but of course it provides needed income.


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