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Montage in the photographic world is the process of creating a single image from numerous smaller images. The composition may be created by juxtaposition or by merging multiple images to conceal boundaries. However, in either case, the result is a single image and regarded as somewhat more formal in character than a collage. The image below was created for a family history book cover and incorporates numerous images taken from different generations of the same family.

Montage book coverA quick search of internet photography sites shows that there is considerable confusion between the definitions of montage and collage. Indeed the two categorizations do seem to overlap to some extent - perhaps an absolute differentiation is unimportant.

However, a collage is generally regarded as a sequence of separate images assembled on a background in an aesthetically pleasing manner. The individual images typically have a unifying theme, subject or characteristic. The final work features a number of distinctly separate images combined in an informal, or apparently informal, manner.


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