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LoveConceptual photography is the art of conveying a powerful message to a viewer using nothing more than simple photographic elements, typically arranged in a fictional manner. In many cases image processing software, such as Photoshop, is used to change or manipulate reality with the objective of delivering a message more clearly. Other photographers work with carefully arranged objects taken from the real world. This type of photography relies very heavily upon the imagination and creativity of a photographer.

Since the objective is to deliver a clear message to viewers, conceptual photography often make use of widely recognized graphic symbols that are likely to be recognized by everyone. In the image opposite, which hopefully needs no explanation, the shadow of a heart cast by a wedding ring across appropriate sends a clear message.

It can be challenging but also great fun selecting a message and then identifying the symbols and elements necessary yo create a graphic image. The images themselves are often very simple but the process of creating them can be deceptively challenging and time-consuming.


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