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When looking for abstract photographic subjects, be sure to consider unusual viewpoints and angles. Familiar or conventional viewpoints are more recognizable to the viewer, so abstract elements may be harder to highlight. Start by searching for low viewpoints that most people would not normally see, even to the extent of lying on the ground and looking up at a subject or crawling underneath and using the sky as a background. It is important to think in an open-minded way and maintain the attitude that anything is possible.

A useful approach is to find unusual perspective. For example, all sorts of interesting effects can be achieved by working very close to a subject. At a distance of a few centimetres, even the most mundane everyday objects can can take on an captivating and intriguing appearance. Try standing a number of coloured pencils or crayons on end in a loose group and then photograph their tips from a very close viewpoint. They appear to fan out in an exploding array of coloured lines.


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