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Tagus Bridge, LisbonBridges of all styles, designs and sizes can be found all over the world. In general they make very good photographic subjects, although some are better located than others in photographic terms.

There are basically two ground-level locations where good compositions are likely to be found. One is on the bridge itself and the other is a short distance to one side at either end of the bridge.

If you are really lucky, a third possibility is to gain access to the towers or higher parts of the bridge where spectacular and unusual views incorporating parts of the structure will certainly be available. However, this last type of shot may be difficult to achieve because towers are often closed to the public. There are obvious dangers involved in climbing to great height, perhaps in windy conditions.

Other possible viewpoints may be found above and below a bridge. From an aerial viewpoint all sorts of possibilities open up, and from beneath a bridge, perhaps on a boat passing underneath, unusual views of the massive structure with the sky as the backdrop can be created.


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