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Telescopic masts provide a cost-effective and safe means of obtaining low-altitude "aerial" photographs. Masts remove the need to use expensive aircraft or helicopters, and avoid all concerns about air traffic restrictions. Images can be obtained from a height of 50 or 75 feet which is ideal for shots of property, building and development work or land use. The operator does not have to leave the ground and can take time composing shots and, if necessary, await the approriate moment for suitable light etc. A mast can be free-standing, or moiunted on a vehicle or trailer.

Disturbance to property or land owners is minimal, and only a small parking area is required to operate a mast. or their occupants. It is consequently practicaable to work in busy urban areas as well as rural locations. Minimal training is required to operate a telescopic mast, although there are a number of important precautions that are always relevant - for instance, being aware of overhead power lines.


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