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Having acquired a suitable set of images for a 360 x 180 degree panorama, it is necessary to use image stitching software to merge them seamlessly together. This process is relatively complicated but several good stitching programs that perform most of the work automatically, or at least semi-automatically, are available.

The range of available panoramic stitching programs includes free open source products and to fully-featured professional software. Evaluation versions are usually available for a limited trial period, and dedicated forums offering advice and experience may be found on the internet. Panoguide is an excellent source of advice and assistance.

PTGui Pro is arguably the most popular, or at least one of the most popular, professional stitching programs. It offers the user a simple-to-use automatic stitching facility, although in practice it is usually necessary to use the advanced mode to intervene manually at various stages of the process. Intervention by the user includes placing control points in optimum locations, aligning and straightening panoramas etc. A number of plugins are also available to extend the capabilities of the program.

Other stitching programs include Panoweaver, Panorama Maker, Panomonkey and Hugin. Some of these programs are commercial and others are available free of charge. They all have their strengths and weaknesses


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