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A wide variety of themed holidays and courses is available to photographers. Landscape enthusiasts can tour areas such as Tuscany, the canyons of the south-western USA or Namibia under the guidance of experienced photographers who know the areas well. Clients are transported to different photogenic locations in time to take advantage of the best light, often very early in the morning, and are advised on composition and technique. Similar tours are planned for those who wish to photograph people or street life, and may coincide with events such as Venice Carnival or the Easter processions in Sicily. More formal courses, during which days are set aside to teach technique, are also available in numerous countries and locations. All travel-related events are of course weather dependent, so keep expectations realistic. In locations where the weather is unreliable, plan to lose one or two days of photography during the tour. Well organized trips offer alternative indoor activities during inclement weather.

Tours and courses present good opportunities to capture images of a particular type, although most will be of well-photographed locations. Study the proposed itinerary carefully to make sure that it suits your photographic and travel requirements. Such trips are rarely cheap because groups are generally small and each client must bear part of the expenses incurred by the tour leader. Most tour leaders have an established reputation for creating excellent images, and will at some point during the promotion or execution of the tour show examples of their work. However, what clients learn is to a large extent dependent upon the ability of the leader to explain problems and their solutions. Make sure you know the name of the leader and try to obtain a personal recommendation where possible. If you enjoy group travel, and the associated social interaction, a themed holiday may be a good way to develop your photographic skills. However, if you have clear objectives, the desire to learn and the time to explore at your own pace, independent travel may prove more beneficial.


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