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Make sure that you and your fellow travellers are adequately covered for emergency medical care, repatriation etc. Services of this type are extremely expensive so read the limitations carefully before choosing a policy. Annual travel insurance can be better value than buying policies on a single-trip basis, particularly if you travel more than once a year. Most travel policies also cover loss of baggage, the consequences of delayed or missed departures and so on. Check whether your chosen mode of transport to the airport is covered. Some policies cover only journeys made by public transport.

Travel photographers risk damage and loss every day so insurance for photographic equipment is always advisable. Cameras are dropped in the water, drinks are spilled on them, and they get stolen in street scams. There is a lot to learn, but accidents still happen and there is always a new trick. The cost of adequate cover for valuable equipment can be substantial, but may be most reasonable when arranged as part of a domestic policy. Items of equipment purchased in foreign countries can be added to the policy by sending home a copy of the receipts and serial numbers

Public liability insurance is increasingly worthwhile in the modern world. It covers accidental damage you may inflict on others, and the consequential third-party claims. A final insurance consideration is that of your empty home. Think about domestic security for the period of your absence and check your home insurance to see how long you can be away without additional cover.


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