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Natural light excellent for still-life work provided it is used correctly. Close to a window, and away from direct sunlight, the light can be wonderfully soft and diffused and generally frees the photographer from worries about colour temperature. In such circumstances there may be no need artificial sources to back up the natural light or change the contrast. Reflectors, such as sheets of white polystyrene, can be used to balance the lighting, fill shadows or highlight a particular area of a scene. Other reflector colours, such as gold, can be used to warm a subject.

The lower level of indoor light usually determines that a tripod and remote release must be used. A tripod encourages care in setting up the camera angle and also holds the camera absolutely still for long periods to accommodate slow shutter speeds.

One of the attractions of using natural light in the comfort of your own home is that of simplicity in setting up a picture. Only a subject, a camera and tripod, and perhaps a reflector are required. It is also possible to choose the appropriate time of day and so create the desired mood. A white background can be used to accentuate the colours of the subject


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