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Sifakas - Madagascar

Sifakas, Madagascar - by kind permission of Burrard-Lucas.com

Capturing action generally enhances wildlife shots to a significant extent. A picture of a bird sitting on the branch of a tree, or an animal standing in a grassy meadow, may or may not be interesting. However, if the bird is spreading its wings or feeding its young, or two animals ar sparring in a meadow, the resulting images are likely to be more dynamic and better received.

Action shots of various types may be captured through patience alone, but the chances of success can be improved by understanding the target species. Make sure that seasonal activities and the best times of day to capture interesting behaviour are understood. Also try to pick up signs of what might be about to happen. With a little knowledge it may be possible to anticipate the start of a fight between two stags, of the arrival of a bird at the nest to feed hungry chicks.


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