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Coral reefSince colour is lost as depth increases, good natural colour photographs can be obtained only by working reasonably close to the surface of the water or by using strobes to light the subject. However when using strobes, particles in the water make it desirable to work as close as possible to subjects. This is not easy to achieve. minimize the amount of light reflected back to the camera from particles in the water by positioning the light sources above and to one side of the line of sight. Only water close to the subject is then illuminated, and reflected light is reduced. This is more important with wide-angle lenses. Camera and strobes must be correctly set and ready for use prior to approaching the subjects. Try to work at the same depth as the fish or even slightly lower, and look for an attractive background with interesting features and colours.

An underwater photographer approaching fish must do so in a very slow and graceful manner to avoid frightening all the subjects away. Fish are constantly alert for danger and move very rapidly when disturbed. It is therefore up to a photographer to find a method of getting close without signalling danger. Various techniques are used by divers.


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