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The insect world is incredibly varied, and each species has its own favoured habitat. Knowledge of the target species is therefore always important and can save a photographer a lot of time making fruitless searches. Plenty of information is available in books and on the internet, so start by obtaining the appropriate background knowledge.

Insects species and populations are so numerous that they can be found almost anywhere. On close inspection, they are all around a house and garden, and inside as well! Insects are present in the bark of trees, under plants, beneath sheds and buildings, on river banks, in ponds and lakes, and almost anywhere else one cares to look. Butterflies are often found around particular types of plants and may also congregate on the ground in certain areas. Bees are constantly searching flowering plants for sources of pollen and nectar. Various species of ant can be found in rotting wood and the remains of dead creatures. Stag beetles are often found amid dead and rotting wood or in shady areas of a garden. Know what you are looking for and concentrate search efforts upon the ideal habitat.


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