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  • SVG - The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standard for vector graphics is known as Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). The standard is relatively complex and was slow to gain broad acceptance. However, modern web browsers now render SVG data. A principal advantage of the format is that is is completely independent of the resolution of the rendering device - typically a monitor or printer. SVG files consist essentially of text that defines paths, both straight and curved, as well as numerous other attributes.
  • CGM - This file format (Computer Graphics Metafile) is used for 2-D vector graphics, raster graphics and text. Graphical elements are defined in a text-based source file that can be compiled into binary form or one of two text representations. The format is used to represent 2-D graphical information independent of platform, system application or device. It is used to some in technical illustration and professional design.

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