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There are many ways to add watermarks to images, but the simplest effective method is arguably as follows:

  • Open an image correctly sized and prepared for use on the web;
  • Create a new transparent layer (Layers - New layer - OK) and rename it "Watermark";
  • Deselect the background layer to view the chequerboard of the transparent layer;
  • Select the type tool and click on the transparent layer of the image in the location of the required watermark text;
  • Set the typeface, size, colour and style for the watermark;
  • Type the characters required for the watermark - for example, "© Copyright John Smith 2007";
  • Optional step - Select the text by sweeping the mouse across the characters and set any required layer style characteristics such as dropped shadows or embossing (Layer - Layer style etc);
  • Combine all text layers (excluding the background layer) if more than one has been created (Layers - Merge visible);
  • Make visible the background layer to see the watermark imprinted on the image (click the eye symbol in the layers palette);
  • With the watermark layer selected, use the opacity slider in the layers palette to adjust the opacity to an appropriate level. Anything between about 5% and 20% may give an appropriate watermark, depending upon the nature of the particular image and watermark text;
  • Flatten the image (Layers - Flatten image);
  • Save the image.

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