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Calculator stick

When an image is complete and sized ready for printing:

  • Select all;
  • Choose a foreground colour for the stroke line, for example black;
  • Select edit and then stroke;
  • Set the width of the stroke depending upon resolution (for example 8 pixels);
  • Select inside stroke, and click OK; Deselect; Select image, canvas size - increase the canvas size to suit the border required;
  • Create an outer line as before;
  • Select the border area using the magic wand;
  • Choose a foreground colour for the border;
  • Fill using the paint bucket, erring on the light side because the next process darkens the border;
  • Select filter, noise and add noise;
  • Choose the noise level required, for example 70, use uniform distribution and select monochromatic noise, then OK; and
  • Deselect ready for printing;
  • Note that the stroke procedure can be repeated by using a stepped increase in the canvas size to give a multi-line border.

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