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The best foundation for success in A-level photography is a personal passion for the subject. Students are introduced to digital and traditional darkroom techniques, and to the many applications to which photography is put in the modern world. They are encouraged to develop an ability to communicate ideas using a visual vocabulary, and consider the role of art and design in contemporary society. During the course, students encounter a broad spectrum of technologies, practices and materials.

A typical course involves practical work, projects and personal study, and consists of several weighted modules each carrying an appropriate percentage of the final marks. Principal course-work modules require students to work with a specific theme towards well-considered conclusions, and an external assignment conducted as a controlled test over a period of several weeks. External assignments require students to demonstrate their understanding not only of the technologies and processes of photography, but also their ability to interpret a subject using visual techniques in conjunction with their own thoughts and feelings. A reading list of appropriate books is provided, and gallery visits may be made. A written examination is also undertaken.


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