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The Federation Internationale de L’Art Photographique, in English the International Federation of Photographic Art, is an organization whose members are national photographic federations. Over 70 nations are represented on the basis of a single federation per country.

FIAP organizes a biennial exhibition where member countries can show their best work. Each exhibition takes place in a different country. It also supports other international exhibitions that meet particular minimum standards.

A worldwide system of distinctions, earned by success in FIAP supported exhibitions, is also offered as an additional incentive for photographers to strive for the highest standards. These are:

  • AFIAP – Artist;
  • EFIAP – Excellence; and
  • MFIAP – Master Photographer

The MFIAP is probably the greatest photographic honour in the world. There are also two honorary awards for services to photography, namely ESFIAP and Hon EFIAP.


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