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The PAGB consists of the fifteen regional federations in the United Kingdom, and hence member photographic clubs across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The PAGB organizes:

  • annual print and slide exhibitions;
  • national inter-club print and slide championships;
  • a bi-annual handbook incorporating lists of regional, national and international judges, and regional and national lecturers and speakers;
  • a recorded lecture service;
  • insurance cover for local clubs;
  • awards of distinctions for photographic ability; and
  • certificates awarded for meritorious services to the affiliated societies and their members.

The PAGB Annual Exhibitions are highly prestigious, as images displayed will have been selected from those submitted by the regional Federations. Anyone getting an acceptance into such an exhibition can be justly proud that their work has been recognized at a national level. The exhibitions are shown at a number of venues throughout the United Kingdom.

The PAGB Inter-Club Print and Slide Championships are national events to decide the most successful clubs in each category. Each federation nominates its best two clubs to compete.

The PAGB also produces and issues to each club a handbook listing all lecturers and judges from all of the affiliated federations. The people listed charge only expenses when visiting clubs, and therefore make a vital contribution to providing club programmes at reasonable cost. A list of judges deemed capable of judging and selecting at international level is also provided.

The PAGB plays a leading role in the setting of standards in photography through its distinctions scheme. The awards are:

  • Credit - CPAGB;
  • Distinction - DPAGB; and
  • Master – MPAGB.

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